Calhoun Community College Admission 2023-2024

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Calhoun Community College Admission 2023-2024

Calhoun Community College Application For Admission 2023-2024

If you are a freshman, transfer or transient student or an international applicant who wishes to apply to study at Calhoun college for the  2023 academic year must apply before the application deadline. The application for the spring term at Calhoun community college deadline is in December. Interested applicants are to gather all their application requirements documents and proceed to apply using the online application portal of the college.

As one of Alabama’s leading institutions of higher education, it is committed to student success by providing quality, accessible educational opportunities, encouraging community involvement, and promoting economic development. Calhoun seeks to improve the quality of life for its students and the communities they serve. Once you’ve submitted your application, the admissions office must receive identification documentation for admission.

At Calhoun Community College, they welcome high school graduates, GED recipients, transfers from other colleges and universities, former Calhoun students, and Non-Degree seeking students. Through its dual enrollment program eligible high school students may also enrol in college classes concurrently with high school classes, either at the college campus or at the high school, to receive both high school and college credit


Calhoun Community College Application Deadline For Admission 2023-2024

Deadlines and Priority Dates For Calhoun Community College 2023:

February 1 (Deadline)

  • Academic Scholarship Applications for the fall semester must be completed online and submitted to the Foundation Office.  All applicants are required to have already submitted a processed FAFSA form in order to receive a scholarship.

April 1 (Priority Date)

  • FAFSA must be received by the Federal Central Processor to qualify for financial assistance (SEOG, College Work-Study and Alabama State Grant) for the fall semester or the entire academic year.

April 17 (Priority Date)

  • FAFSA submitted to the Federal Central Processor to qualify for financial assistance for the summer semester (if the student has not submitted a FAFSA for the current academic year).

Early May

  • Financial aid recipients returning to Calhoun Community College for the fall semester should have on file a Student Aid Report and all additional information requested by the Office of Student Financial Services.


  • Student Loan Entrance counselling sessions will begin for those students who have applied for a loan and plan to enrol for the fall semester.


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Courses And Programs Offered At Calhoun Community College 2023

  • Business & CIS
  • General Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Technologies


Associate of Science Degree (AS)

  • 2-year degree
  • Transfer to a 4-year college after Calhoun
  • Seamless transfer to 4-year college using STARS
  • General Studies Degree

The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree is the award conferred on students who wish to transfer to an Alabama senior institution and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree (B.S. or B.A.) The Associate’s degree is comprised of five areas (Area I-V) intended to provide the student with a foundation of general education courses in Areas I-IV and more specific courses that provide a base in the pre-major area of study in Area V.


Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

  • 2-year degree
  • Go directly into the workforce after Calhoun
  • Some classes transfer to a 4-year college
  • Various specialized degrees

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is the award conferred on students who wish to complete two years of education at the community college level and then enter the workforce. While many courses taken in an A.A.S. degree program will transfer to an Alabama senior institution, the degree is not designed as a transfer degree.


Certificate Program

  • Certificate
  • Short term training
  • Check with senior institutions for transfer-ability
  • Specific occupational skills certificates

The certificate is the award conferred on students who wish to train or retrain in a specific field or skill and enter or re-enter the workplace with a new or more advanced skill set.


Calhoun Community College Admission Requirements 2023-2024

Applicants applying for admission for 2023 at Calhoun Community College must provide the following documents:

  • A valid driver’s license or instruction permit from another state or possession, dated 2000 or later, that shows lawful presence.
  • Prior to the 1978 BIA, a U.S. Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-151) or tribal identification card with photo I-797 Form with expiration date and photo identification Voter Identification Card from a state that verifies lawful presence
  • GED certificate with passing scores or official high school transcript with posted graduation date
  • Transcripts from college (if applicable)
  • Students who have achieved a minimum of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university are only required to submit from the degree-granting institution unless seeking a degree from Calhoun Community College.
  • Alabama driver’s license or instruction permit that hasn’t expired
  • Alabama identity card that hasn’t expired
  • Passport from the United States that hasn’t expired
  • Permanent Resident Card from the United States that hasn’t expired
  • Pre-1997 Resident Alien Card


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Calhoun Community College Application Process Admission 2023-2024

  • Visit the Tuition and Fees page and Payment Information page for details about tuition costs.
  • Currently, enrolled students will skip steps 1 and 3.  You may need to meet with an advisor (step 4) if you need to discuss your major or change majors.
  • Visit the Admissions page for useful information. ID is required before registering for classes. Submit identification to Admissions.
  • Transient students who may be taking a break from another college or university during the summer and want to get in a couple of extra credits should also submit a transient letter to the Admissions office with the approved courses listed and the appropriate signatures from the transfer institution. Once your form has been received by the Admissions office, you will be granted access to register for your approved courses using myCalhoun.
  • To schedule non-traditional/distance education advising services for online students who are out-of-state or cannot access traditional advising services, please call the Advising Center at 256-306-2648.
  • Once tuition is paid, you may acquire the following:
    • ID Card (Students must present schedule to have ID card made)
      • Decatur – ID can be made in Chasteen Student Services Center
      • Huntsville – ID can be made in the Sparkman Building Foyer, Information Desk
    • Parking Decal
      • Decatur – Chasteen Student Services Center
      • Huntsville– Sparkman Building Foyer, Information Desk
  • Calhoun Bookstores are located on both Decatur and Huntsville campuses. If you are receiving financial aid, please see the appropriate semester book charge dates/times by visiting the Bookstore site
  • You may find it helpful to visit our Phone/E-mail Directory. There you may look for contact information by department/area or you can go to an alphabetical listing if you know the person’s name that you need to contact.


Contact Details Of Calhoun Community College

  • 1-800-626-3628
    Toll-Free in Alabama
  • Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 2216 Decatur, AL, 35609
  • Decatur – (256) 306-2500
    6250 Hwy. 31 North Tanner, AL, 35671
  • Huntsville – (256) 890-4700
    102 Wynn Dr NW Huntsville, AL, 35805

A transfer student who is not seeking a degree from Calhoun Community College and has earned an Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is only required to submit an official transcript from the degree-granting institution. If a student with an Associate’s degree wishes to have the transcript evaluated for transfer credit, official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records prior to the evaluation. Visit the Official Website Of Calhoun Community College For More Details.

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