Sassa Payment For March 2023-2024

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Sassa Payment For March 2023-2024

Sassa Payment Dates For March 2023-2024

The dates for the Sassa grant payment for January 2023-2024 have now been open and published on the official website of the agency. The Act provides a national legislative framework for the provision of different types of social grants, social relief of distress, the delivery of social assistance grants by a National Agency and the establishment of an Inspectorate for Social Security.

The Act provides for the establishment of the South African Social Security Agency as a schedule 3A public entity in terms of the PFMA. The principal aim of the Act is to make provision for the effective management, administration and payment of social assistance and service through the establishment of the South African Social Security Agency. The President signed the Act on the 28th of May 2004.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government-run national agency that was established in April 2005 to administer social benefits on behalf of the Department of Social Development. SASSA, as a public entity, subscribes to those values that promote democracy and a culture of respect for human rights. In addition, in building social cohesion, Sassa has paramount values in transparency, Equity, Integrity, Confidentiality and Customer Care Centred Approach.


Sassa Application And Payment For March 2023-2024

  • Older Persons Grant – Thursday 2 March
  • Disability Grant – Friday 3 March
  • Children’s Grants – Monday 6 March


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Who Is Qualified To Recieve Sassa Grant Payment For March 2023-2024

To be eligible to receive the Sassa funds for the year 2023, you need to be:

  • The primary caregiver must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee.
  • Both the applicant and the child must reside in South Africa.
  • The applicant must be the primary caregiver of the child/ children concerned.
  • The child/children must be born after 31 December 1993.
  • The applicant and spouse must meet the requirements of the means test.
  • A child can not apply for more than six non-biological children.


Types Of Sassa Grants Available 2023-2024

Social assistance is provided in the form of:

  • A child support grant;
  • An older people’s grant (a pension);
  • A disability grant;
  • A war veteran’s grant;
  • A care dependency grant, for caring for a child with a severe disability;
  • Foster child grant;
  • Grant-in-aid, for those who require a full-time caregiver; and/or
  • Social relief of distress, a temporary measure for those in desperate need, in the form of parcels or vouchers. Steyn has pledged R 320 million to help with the coronavirus relief effort.


To apply, caregivers must bring:

  • ID document of the child
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income and assets
  • Three (3) months bank statement


You can also use the SASSA 350 webpage to:

  • Submit an appeal when your “350 grant” has been rejected.
  • Cancel your 350 grant application.
  • Update your details (Name, Surname and other information).


Head Office and Regional Contacts


  • Mr Themba Matlou
  • E-Mail:
  • 28 Harrison Street


  • 2000
  • Private Bag X120


  • 2107
  • Tel: 011 241 8320
  • Fax: 011 241 8305
  • E-Mail:
  • Branch Coordinator:
  • E-Mail:


  • Ms Zodwa Mvulane
  • E-Mail:
  • 43 Landros Mare Street


  • 0699
  • Private Bag X9677
  • Polokwane
  • 0700
  • Tel: 015 291 7509
  • Fax: 015 291 7416
  • E-Mail:
  • E-Mail:


The value proposition will require continuous refinement in order to satisfy and meet customer needs and expectations. The responsiveness of SASSA to community needs and expectations may require adjustments in respect of service delivery, information technology and administrative processes. Visit the Official Website Of Sassa For More Details.


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