Sassa Forms For Grants 2025-2026

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Sassa Forms For Grants 2025-2026

Sassa Forms For Grants 2025-2026

Understanding Sassa Forms for Grants: An Essential Guide for 2025-2026:

The Sassa application form is a document that the agency uses to collect data from applicants who are applying for grants. The forms can be downloaded from the official website of the agency or you can visit any of the designated offices across the nation and collect the hard copy version of it.

SASSA is a social award that alludes to awards paid by the government to South African residents who are needing help. In South Africa, social awards are controlled by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Social awards are set up to help improve ways of life in the public arena and are given to individuals who are defenceless against destitution and need the state to uphold.

These by and large incorporate more established individuals, individuals with handicaps, and individuals with small kids. All applicants for social grants must be South African citizens, permanent residents, or refugees (official refugee status granted by the South African government must be provided) and candidates must be living in South Africa.

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What You Need to Know About Sassa Grants: 

Sassa is an integral part of the South African government’s welfare system, providing financial assistance to individuals and families in need. The grants offered by Sassa include the Child Support Grant, Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, and many more.

To access these grants, applicants must complete and submit the relevant Sassa forms within the prescribed period. As we transition into the 2025-2026 period, Sassa has made several updates to these forms to simplify the application process and ensure it aligns with current social welfare policies.

Types Of Grants Awarded By SASSA

The Sassa grants are given in the following categories:

  •     Grant for older persons
  •     Disability grant
  •     War veterans grant
  •     Care dependency grant
  •     Foster child grant
  •     Child support grant
  •     Grant-in-aid
  •     Social Relief of Distress

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Understanding the 2025-2026 Sassa Forms

To qualify for a Sassa grant, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Each type of grant has its unique form, tailored to capture the necessary information that verifies an applicant’s eligibility. The Sassa forms for 2025-2026 have been streamlined for clarity, and include the following key forms:

  • Application for Social Assistance (Form 1): This is the primary application form for any Sassa grant.
  • Disability/ Illness Report (Form Annexure A): This form is for Disability Grant applicants. A qualified medical professional must fill out this form.
  • Consent for Deduction (Form Annexure C): This form allows Sassa to make deductions from a grant for specific services.

How To Download The Application Sassa Forms For Grants 2025-2026

Do you want to apply for financial support from the South African Social Security Agency, look through the grant categories and download the forms by clicking on the application form:

Other Forms to be downloaded include:

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Contact SASSA Head Office for more information

  • SASSA House
  • 501 Prodinsa Building
  • Cnr Steve Biko and Pretorius Streets
  • Pretoria
  • Private Bag X55662
  • Arcadia
  • Pretoria
  • 0083
  • Tel: 012 400 2322 (Switchboard)
  • 0800 60 10 11
  • Website:
  • Grants Enquiries
  • SASSA Toll Free: 0800 60 10 11
  • E-Mail

Hope the information provided above has been useful to you, if you have any suggestions please kindly leave them in the comments section provided below this post. Better still you can visit the official website of Sassa for more details.


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