Lovedale TVET College Courses

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Lovedale TVET College Courses

Lovedale TVET College Courses

Lovedale TVET College is a Technical Vocational Education and Training institution in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa with strong and esteemed history. The College came about in as a result of merging three former technical colleges in the Eastern Cape Province. Loveable TVET College comprises of three campuses serving specific needs of the community as well as the country. Loveable TVET College is a well developed, open and self-sustaining will versatile and diverse programmes that respond to the needs of the community, both public and private sectors. Moreover, the College supports needy students with bursaries like the NSFAS bursary. All students especially the need are encourage to apply for bursaries.

Lovedale TVET College offers the following Programs;

National Nated-Diploma Programmes:

  • National N-Diploma: Public Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Financial Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Human Resources Management (N4 – N6) – Part-Time
  • National N-Diploma: Business Management (N4 -N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Management Assistant (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Art & Design (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Farming Management (N4 – N6)

NC(V) Programmes:

  • NC(V): Management (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Office Administration (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Finance, Economics & Accounting (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Information Technology & Computer Science (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Civil Engineering & Building Construction (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Engineering & Related Design (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Primary Agriculture (L2 – L4)

N1 – N3 Programmes:

  • Carpentry & Roofing (N1 – N3)
  • Electrical (N1 – N3)
  • Plumbing (N1 – N3)
  • Masonry / Bricklaying (N1 – N3)
  • Water & Sanitation (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Body Repair (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Mechanic (N1 – N3)
  • Welding (N1 – N3)

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