Concordia College Admission 2023-2024

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Concordia College Admission 2023-2024

Concordia College Admission Application 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 academic year application window for Concordia College is currently open for US and international students to apply for admission. All applicants who wish to study a course or qualification at Concordia college must apply before the application deadline. Applicants applying for the fall semester of 2023 are to submit their applications by March 1.

Late applications will only be considered if spaces are still available. Please check program availability for the term, before you start your application. Your admission to Concordia College will depend on you meeting the admission requirements of the college. It is therefore highly recommended that applicants should upload their admissions documents rather than sending them by mail to prevent delays in the assessment of their application.

 All applicants are to bare in mind that Concordia college cannot complete the assessment of their application until they receive their English proficiency test scores. If the college did not receive your test scores, they will send you an email requesting them. You will then have three weeks to submit the English proficiency test scores.

Concordia College Admission Application Deadline 2023-2024

Applicants applying to Concordia College 2023 are to take note of the following dates so they can meet the deadline of application:


  • March 1 is the deadline to apply for fall term entry. International students are encouraged to apply by February 1 to allow sufficient time for CAQ and study permit application processing.


  • November 1 is the deadline to apply for winter term entry. International students are encouraged to apply by September 1 to allow sufficient time for CAQ and study permit application processing.


Concordia College Admission 2023-2024 Academic Year TimeTable

The academic year is based on three sessions: summer, fall, and winter:

  • Summer: May-August Start of the academic year. However, you cannot enter an undergraduate program during the summer term
  • Fall: September – December (15 weeks) Regular point of entry for most undergraduate programs
  • Winter:  January – April (15 weeks) Certain programs accept students in January, based on availability
  • Full Summer Term: May 8-Aug. 11, 2023
  • First Summer Term: May 15-June 9, 2023
  • Second Summer Term: June 12-July 7, 2023
  • Third Summer Term: July 17-Aug. 11, 2023


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Undergraduate Programs Offered At Concordia College For 2023-2024

The following are the courses offered at Concordia College:

  • Accountancy (BComm)
  • Accountancy (Cert)
  • Acting for the Theatre (BFA)
  • Actuarial Mathematics (BA, BSc)
  • Actuarial Mathematics/Finance (BA, BSc)
  • Administration (BAdmin)
  • Adult Education (Minor, Cert)
  • Aerospace Engineering (BEng)
  • Anthropology (BA)
  • Anthropology and Sociology (BA)
  • Art Education, Visual Arts (BFA)
  • Art History (BFA)
  • Art History and Film Studies (BFA)
  • Art History and Studio Art (BFA)
  • Arts and Science (Cert)
  • Athletic Therapy (BSc)
  • Behavioural Neuroscience (BSc)
  • Biochemistry (BSc)
  • Biology (BSc)
  • Biophysics (Minor)
  • Building Engineering (BEng)
  • Business Studies (Minor, Cert)
  • Business Technology Management (BComm)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (BSc)
  • Ceramics (BFA)
  • Chemistry (BSc)
  • Child Studies (BA)
  • Civil Engineering (BEng)
  • Classics (BA)
  • Communication and Cultural Studies (BA)
  • Communication Studies (BA)
  • Community Service (Cert)
  • Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies (BA)
  • Computation Arts (BFA)
  • Computation Arts – Computer Science (BFA)
  • Computer Engineering (BEng)
  • Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Computer Science (Minor)
  • Computer Science – Computation Arts (BCompSc)
  • Contemporary Dance (BFA)
  • Creative Writing (BA)
  • Data Intelligence (Minor)
  • Data Science (BA/BSc)
  • Data Science (BCompSc)
  • Design (BFA)
  • Design for the Theatre (BFA)
  • Diversity and the Contemporary World (Minor)
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education (BA)
  • Ecology (BSc)
  • Economics (BA)
  • Economics (BComm)
  • Education (Minor)
  • Electrical Engineering (BEng)
  • Electroacoustic Studies (BFA)
  • English and Creative Writing (BA)
  • English and History (BA)
  • English Literature (BA)
  • Entrepreneurship (Minor)
  • Environmental and Sustainability Science (BSc)
  • Environmental Geography (BSc)
  • Études françaises (French Studies) (BA)
  • Exercise Science (BSc)
  • Family Life Education (Cert)
  • Fibres and Material Practices (BFA)
  • Film Animation (BFA)
  • Film Production (BFA)
  • Film Studies (BFA)
  • Finance (BComm)
  • First Peoples Studies (BA)
  • Foundations for Business (Cert)
  • French Studies
  • Game Design (Minor)
  • Geospatial Technologies (Minor, Cert)
  • German Studies (Minor)
  • Health and Life Sciences (BCompSc)
  • History (BA)
  • Human Environment (BA)
  • Human Relations (BA)
  • Human Resource Management (BComm)
  • Human Rights Studies (Minor)
  • Immigration Studies (Minor, Cert)
  • Industrial Engineering (BEng)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality (BA)
  • Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) (BFA)
  • International Business (BComm)
  • Irish Studies (BA, Cert)
  • Israel Studies (Minor)
  • Italian (BA)
  • Jazz Studies (BFA)
  • Journalism (BA)
  • Judaic Studies (BA)
  • Kinesiology and Clinical Exercise Physiology (BSc)
  • Law and Society (Minor)
  • Liberal Arts (BA)
  • Linguistics (BA)
  • Management (BComm)
  • Marketing (BComm)
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance (BA, BSc)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (BA, BSc)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
  • Modern Arabic Language and Culture (Minor, Cert)
  • Modern Chinese Language and Culture (Minor, Cert)
  • Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (Minor)
  • Music (BFA)
  • Painting and Drawing (BFA)
  • Pastoral Care (Cert)
  • Performance Creation (BFA)
  • Philosophy (BA)
  • Photography (BFA)
  • Physics (BSc)
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Print Media (BFA)
  • Professional Writing (Minor)
  • Psychology (BA, BSc)
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics (BA, BSc)
  • Quantitative Finance and Insurance (Minor)
  • Real Estate (Minor)
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies (BA)
  • Religions and Cultures (BA)
  • Scenography (BFA)
  • Science and Technology (Cert)
  • Science Foundations (Cert)
  • Science Journalism (Minor)
  • Sculpture (BFA)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Software Engineering (BEng)
  • Southern Asia Studies (BA)
  • Spanish, Hispanic Cultures and Literature (BA)
  • Statistics (BA, BSc)
  • Studio Art (BFA)
  • Supply Chain Operations Management (BComm)
  • Sustainability Studies (Minor)
  • Systems and Information Biology (BSc)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (Cert)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (BEd)
  • Theatre (Minor)
  • Theological Studies (BA)
  • Therapeutic Recreation (BA)
  • Traduction (Translation) (BA)
  • Urban Studies and Urban Planning (BA)
  • Women’s Studies (BA, Cert)


Concordia College Admission Application Requirements 2023-2024

Application Requirements for Transfer students:

  • Current university academic transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • International Student Financial Affidavit (ISFA)
  • Optional: SAT or ACT test scores (can enhance academic scholarships)

Application Requirements for Exchange Program students:

  • Current university academic transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Proof of Financial Support


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Application Requirements for Us students Living Abroad:

Official transcript: After you complete your online application, you should submit copies of your academic records to the Office of Admission. You may be responsible for completing any official transcript request forms and paying any fees your school may require.

Test scores – OPTIONAL: If you choose to submit your scores, we accept either the ACT (Concordia code 2104) or SAT (Concordia code 6113). If you take a test more than once, we will use the best sub-scores among your tests to calculate a composite “super score.” When considering scholarship eligibility, the highest “super score” will be used. If you choose NOT to submit your scores, please be sure to select “applying test-optional” on your application for admission.


Application Requirements for First-Year International Students:

  • Complete a Free, Online Application for Admission using the Common App or Concordia Portal.
  • Submit high school transcripts and/or academic documents. Students who have completed the IB Exam or AP Exam may be eligible for college credit.
  • Demonstrate English Language Proficiency. A minimum TOEFL of at least 71 or IELTS of at least 5.5 is required for standard admission.
  • Complete and submit Proof of Financial Support.
  • Complete and submit International Student Financial Affidavit (ISFA).


Concordia College Admission Application Process 2023-2024

How to Submit Your Documents:

  • Problems when uploading your required documents to the Common App or Concordia Portal? You may send them electronically to


Contact Details Of Concordia College

General/Campus Information

  • Concordia College
  • 901 8th St. S.
  • Moorhead, MN 56562
  • Phone: 218.299.4000


Office of Admission

  • Welcome Center
  • Phone: 218.299.3004
  • Toll free: 800.699.9897


Office of Alumni Relations

  • Advancement Center
  • Phone: 218.299.3734
  • Toll free: 800.699.9020

Media Inquiries

  • Office of Communications and Marketing
  • Riverside Center
  • Phone: 218.299.3642

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Education
  • Old Main 218
  • Phone: 218.299.3857

Combined Dietetic Internship and Master of Science in Nutrition

  • Integrated Science Center 354
  • Phone: 218.299.3755

Master of Music

  • Hvidsten Hall of Music 101
  • Phone: 218.299.4853

Students who submit the required documents to complete their application file and who demonstrate the ability to pay at least $25,000 USD (or more) from family or another financial sponsor for educational costs will be invited to participate in a Concordia Scholarship Interview in early December. Completing this interview will result in an additional $1,000 per year in scholarship support and priority consideration for additional scholarship funds.

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