University of Central Florida Degrees

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University of Central Florida Degrees


University of Central Florida Degrees
At UCF, degrees are offered in person, online and through innovative distance learning. The University of Central Florida encourages students to submerge themselves in new development, explore groundbreaking research opportunities and enjoy a student-centred approach to higher education through their exciting and engaging degrees. By studying the degree of your choice at UCF, you will come out ready to make a difference in the world while pursuing a rewarding career of your choice. The following types of degrees are offered at the UCF


1. Bachelor’s Degrees
A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree in which you study a program of choice at a UCF. Bachelor’s degrees from UCF equip students with both academic excellence and real-world experience. At UCF, more than 100 bachelor’s are available for students to choose a major that’s in line with their passion and goals. Whether you have found your interest or are still pinning down your choices, the University of Central Florida will guide and help set you on the path to success.


2. Master’s Degrees
A master’s degree is an academic qualification granted at the graduate level to individuals who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in a specific field of study or area of professional practice. Earning a master’s degree from UCF helps you achieve your professional and personal goals. At the University of Central Florida, more than 90 master’s programs will equip you with the knowledge, leadership skills and research experience needed to further your career or diverge into a new one. The University of Central Florida assist and guide people along their path since a master’s degree takes hard work and commitment.


3. Doctoral Degrees
A doctoral or doctorate is the most advanced degree one can earn, representing that one has mastered a specific area of study or field of profession. A doctoral degree requires a significant level of research and articulation. Achieve your career goals with a doctorate degree as well as become a leading researcher and expert in your field of study. Earning your doctoral degree from the University of Central Florida will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience using modern facilities and resources that will equip you for greatness. UCF doctoral degree programs allow you to prove your capabilities, increase your expertise and build solutions that yield useful insights.

Online Degrees

UCF offers over 100 online degree programs in order to put students on the path to success no matter where they live. Having 25 years of experience in providing top online degrees, the University of Central Florida adjust digital learning to fit the needs of online students with flexible programs and affordable course materials as well as assistance from advisors every step of the way. UCF has been ranked among the top 10 online degrees provided by U.S News & World Report. Students can explore online degrees in the following sector or fields:
TOP 5 Online Bachelor’s Degrees*
1. Psychology BS
2. Nursing BS
3. English BA
4. Health Services Administration BS
5. Criminal Justice BA/BS

TOP 5 Online Graduate Programs*
1. Social Work MSW
2. Public Administration MPA
3. Hospitality and Tourism Management MS
4. Nursing MSN
5. Criminal Justice MS

University of Central Florida Online is a community of thinkers, makers and helpers who use great and bold ideas to challenge the simple and produce answers to solve the world’s most challenging problems.


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Below are the top degree programs under the various colleges at UCF.

TOP 5 Arts and Humanities Majors
1. English BA
2. History BA
3. Emerging Media BFA
4. Art BA
5. Theatre BF

TOP 5 Arts and Humanities Graduate Programs
1. Texts and Technology PhD
2. Theatre MFA
3. History MA
4. English MA
5. Emerging Media MFA

TOP Burnett Honors College Majors
1. Biomedical Sciences BS
2. Mechanical Engineering BSME
3. Biology BS
4. Health Sciences BS
5. Aerospace Engineering BSAE

TOP 5 Business Majors
1. Integrated Business BSBA
2. Finance BSBA
3. Accounting BSBA
4. Marketing BSBA
5. Management BSBA

TOP 5 Business Graduate Programs
1. Business Administration MBA
2. Management MSM
3. Accounting MSA
4. Sport Business Management MSBM
5. Business Administration PhD

TOP 5 Community Innovation and Education Majors
1. Criminal Justice BS
2. Health Services Administration BS
3. Elementary Education BS
4. Criminal Justice BA
5. Legal Studies BS

TOP 5 Community Innovation and Education Graduate Programs
1. Health Administration MHA
2. Public Administration MPA
3. Criminal Justice MS
4. Educational Leadership MA
5. Counselor Education MA

TOP 5 Engineering and Computer Science Majors
1. Computer Science BS
2. Mechanical Engineering BSME
3. Information Technology BS
4. Aerospace Engineering BSAE
5. Computer Engineering BSCpE

TOP 5 Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Programs
1. Computer Science MS
2. Computer Science PhD
3. Engineering Management MS
4. Aerospace Engineering MSAE
5. Mechanical Engineering MSME

TOP 5 Health Professions and Sciences Majors
1. Health Sciences BS
2. Kinesiology BS
3. Communication Sciences and Disorders BS
4. Communication Sciences and Disorders BA
5. Social Work BSW

TOP 5 Health Professions and Sciences Graduate Programs
1. Social Work MSW
2. Communication Sciences and Disorders MA
3. Physical Therapy DPT
4. Kinesiology MS
5. Master of Athletic Training MAT


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TOP Medicine Majors
1. Biomedical Sciences BS
2. Biotechnology BS
3. Medical Laboratory Sciences BS

TOP Medicine Graduate Programs
1. Medicine MD
2. Biomedical Sciences PhD
3. Biomedical Sciences MS
4. Biotechnology MS

TOP Nursing Programs
1. Nursing RN, BSN
2. Nursing BSN
3. Nursing Practice DNP
4. Nursing MSN
5. Nursing PhD

TOP Optics and Photonics Programs

1. Photonic Science and Engineering BSPSE
2. Optics and Photonics PhD
3. Optics and Photonics MS
4. Applied Photonics Graduate Certificate
5. Optical Imaging Systems Graduate Certificate

TOP 5 Hospitality Majors
1. Hospitality Management BS
2. Entertainment Management BS
3. Event Management BS
4. Restaurant and Food Service Management BS
5. Hospitality Management AS to BS

TOP 5 Hospitality Graduate Programs
1. Hospitality and Tourism Management MS
2. Hospitality Management PhD
3. Destination Marketing and Management Certificate
4. Event Management Certificate
5. Hospitality and Tourism Technologies Certificate

TOP 5 College of Science Majors
1. Psychology BS
2. Biology BS
3. Digital Media BA
4. Political Science BA
5. Film BA

TOP 5 College of Science Graduate Programs
1. Interactive Entertainment MS
2. Psychology PhD
3. Physics PhD
4. Chemistry PhD
5. Mathematics PhD

TOP Undergraduate Studies Programs

1. Integrative General Studies BGS
2. Environmental Studies BS
3. Interdisciplinary Studies BS
4. Interdisciplinary Studies BA

TOP 5 Graduate Studies Programs
1. Interdisciplinary Studies MA
2. Nanotechnology MS
3. Modeling and Simulation PhD
4. Modeling and Simulation MS
5. Interdisciplinary Studies MS

Search UCF majors, minors, masters, doctoral degrees and more for your required program or degree of study.