Coastal TVET College Application Form 2022

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Coastal TVET College Application Form 2022


Coastal TVET College Application Form 2022

The accompanying data is imperative to all current and future understudies who intend enrolling for the NC(V) courses in January. Enrollment will be open from 08h00 to 15h00 every day. Understudies should show up sooner than expected as could really be expected. All NCV students must return for registration by January as it is a Departmental directive that NCV classes MUST start in January. This implies that the entire enrollment process should be completed on January.

Students who endeavor to enroll for Report 191Business Studies – N4-NS must have passed either

  • NCV Level 4 (21 subjects – from L2-L4)
  • Or have obtained a National Senior Certificate (Matric)
  • Previous subject studies and direction will influence course enrollment.

For the Management Assistant N4 program

  • Students must have passed Grade 12 Typing or Compute-typing.
  • If this criterion is not met, students must enroll for the Introductory Business Studies N4 program for the first Semester and in the second Semester, may proceed to the N4 program if he/she successfully passed the introductory program.

For the Financial Management N4 program,

Students must have passed Grade 12 Accounting.

If  this  criterion is not  met, students  must enroll  for  the  Introductory Business Studies N4 program  for the  first  Semester and do the Introductory Accounting  N4 and in the second Semester, may proceed to the N4  program if he/she successfully passed  the introductory program.

Report 191Engineering Studies N2 must have passed at least Grade 10-Grade 12 Mathematics (and not Mathematical Literacy); if the student has done Mathematical Literacy, he/she must enroll for Report 191Engineering Studies Nl. School levels and subjects passed and/or other previous studies will influence your enrollment into specific courses and/or levels. A RPL process will be conducted at the enrollment process.

Please note that for Electrical engineering, students may, on applying for employment, be required to pass a Color competency test.

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