University of Central Florida Graduate Programs

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University of Central Florida Graduate Programs

University of Central Florida Graduate Programs. Having 13 colleges and over 230-degree programs, students can pursue their passion at one of UCF’s campuses which are designed to help them succeed. The University of Central Florida offers about one hundred and six (106) bachelor’s, ninety-five (95) master’s, 34 doctoral and three specialist degree programs making it the leading university in Florida.

University of Central Florida Graduate Programs
Below is a list of all graduate programs offered at the UCF:

Master’s Degrees
Earning a master’s from UCF helps you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Arts and Humanities

Creative Writing (MFA)
Emerging Media (MFA)
Emerging Media (MFA) – Animation and Visual Effects
Emerging Media (MFA) – Studio Art and Design
English (MA)
English (MA)
English (MA) – Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies
English (MA) – Rhetoric and Composition
English (MA) – Technical Communication
History (MA)
History (MA) – Accelerated MA
History (MA) – Public History
Music (MA)
Spanish (MA)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MA)
Theatre (MA)
Theatre (MFA)
Theatre (MFA) – Acting
Theatre (MFA) – Theatre for Young Audiences
Theatre (MFA) – Themed Experience
Themed Experience (MS)


Accounting (MSA)
Accounting (MSA) – Assurance
Accounting (MSA) – Management
Accounting (MSA) – Management Track
Accounting (MSA) – Taxation
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Administration (MBA) – Evening MBA
Business Administration (MBA) – Executive MBA
Business Administration (MBA) – Professional MBA
Business Administration (MBA) – Sports Business Management
Economics (MS)
FinTech (MS)
Management (MSM)
Management (MSM) – Business Analytics
Management (MSM) – Entrepreneurship
Management (MSM) – Human Resources
Management (MSM) – Human Resources / Change Management
Management (MSM) – Integrated Business
Real Estate (MSRE)
Sport Business Management (MSBM)

University of Central Florida Graduate Programs

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Community Innovation and Education

Applied Learning and Instruction (MA)
Career and Workforce Education (MA)
Counselor Education (MA)
Counselor Education (MA) – Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Counselor Education (MA) – School Counseling
Counselor Education (MEd)
Counselor Education (MEd) – School Counseling / Guidance

Criminal Justice (MS)
Criminal Justice (MS) – Public Administration Dual Degree
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Curriculum Leadership
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Educational Technology
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Gifted Education
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Global International and Comparative Education
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Intervention Specialist
Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed.) – Supporting High-Needs Populations
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)
Early Childhood Development and Education (MS)
Educational Leadership (MA)
Educational Leadership (MA) – Higher Education/College Teaching and Leadership
Educational Leadership (MA) – Higher Education/Student Personnel
Educational Leadership (MEd)
Elementary Education (MA)
Elementary Education (MEd)
Emergency and Crisis Management (MECM)
Exceptional Student Education (MEd)
Exceptional Student Education K-12 (MA)

Health Administration (MHA)
Health Administration (MHA) – Executive Health Services Administration
Health Administration (MHA) – Health Services Administration
Health Care Informatics – Professional Science Master’s (MS)
Instructional Design and Technology: e-Learning (MA)
Instructional Design and Technology: Educational Technology (MA)
Instructional Design and Technology: Instructional Systems (MA)
K-8 Mathematics and Science Education (MEd)
Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy (MA)
Master in Research Administration (MRA)
Nonprofit Management (MNM)
Public Administration (MPA)
Public Administration (MPA) – Criminal Justice Dual Degree
Public Administration (MPA) – Nonprofit Management Dual Degree
Public Administration (MPA) – Public Affairs (PhD) Dual Degree
Public Policy (MPP)
Reading Education (MEd)
Secondary Education (MEd)
Secondary Education (MEd) – English Language Arts Education
Secondary Education (MEd) – Mathematics Education
Secondary Education (MEd) – Science Education
Secondary Education (MEd) – Social Science Education
Secondary Education (MEd) – World Languages Education
Teacher Education (MAT)
Teacher Education (MAT) – Art Education
Teacher Education (MAT) – English Language Arts Education with ESOL Endorsement
Teacher Education (MAT) – Mathematics Education
Teacher Education (MAT) – Middle School Mathematics Education
Teacher Education (MAT) – Middle School Science Education
Teacher Education (MAT) – Science Education-Biology
Teacher Education (MAT) – Science Education-Chemistry
Teacher Education (MAT) – Science Education-Physics
Teacher Education (MAT) – Social Science Education
Teacher Education (MAT) – World Languages Education with ESOL Endorsement Track
Teacher Education MAT – English Language Arts Education with ESOL and Reading Endorsement MAT Track
Urban and Regional Planning (MS)

Engineering and Computer Science

Aerospace Engineering (MSAE)
Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) – Accelerated BS to MS
Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) – Guidance Control and Dynamics
Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) – Space Systems Design and Engineering
Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) – Thermofluid Aerodynamic Systems Design and Engineering
Biomedical Engineering (MS)
Biomedical Engineering (MS) – Accelerated BS to MSBME
Biomedical Engineering (MS) – Biofluids
Biomedical Engineering (MS) – Biomechanics
Biomedical Engineering (MS) – MD/MSBME
Civil Engineering (MS)
Civil Engineering (MS) – Smart Cities
Civil Engineering (MS) – Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
Civil Engineering (MS) – Transportation Systems Engineering
Civil Engineering (MS) – Water Resources Engineering
Civil Engineering (MSCE)
Computer Engineering (MSPE)
Computer Engineering (MSPE) – Accelerated BSCpE to MSPE
Computer Science (MS)
Computer Science (MS) – Accelerated BS to MS
Computer Vision (MS)
Cyber Security and Privacy (MS)
Data Analytics (MS)
Digital Forensics (MS)
Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
Electrical Engineering (MSEE) – Accelerated BSEE to MSEE
Electrical Engineering (MSEE) – Guidance Control and Dynamics
Engineering Management (MS)
Engineering Management (MS) – Professional Engineering Management-PSM
Engineering Management (MS) – Professional Project & Systems Engineering PP&SE
Environmental Engineering (MS)
Environmental Engineering (MS) – Environmental Engineering Sciences
Environmental Engineering (MSVE)
Healthcare Systems Engineering, MS
Industrial Engineering (MS)
Industrial Engineering (MSIE)
Materials Science and Engineering (MSMS)
Materials Science and Engineering (MSMSE) – Accelerated BS to MSMSE
Mechanical Engineering (MSME)
Mechanical Engineering (MSME) – Accelerated BS to MSME
Mechanical Engineering (MSME) – Guidance Control and Dynamics
Mechanical Engineering (MSME) – Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Engineering (MSME) – Thermofluids
Travel Technology and Analytics (MS)



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Health Professions and Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA)
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA) – Accelerated BA/BS to MA
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA) – Masters Consortium
Communication Sciences and Disorders (MA) – Out of Field Track
Kinesiology (MS)
Master of Athletic Training – BS to MAT Track
Master of Athletic Training (MAT)
Social Work (MSW)
Social Work (MSW) – Full-Time Advanced Standing
Social Work (MSW) – Full-Time Traditional
Social Work (MSW) – Part-Time Advanced Standing
Social Work (MSW) – Part-Time Traditional

Hospitality Management

Event Leadership (MS)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (MS)
Hospitality and Tourism Management (MS) – Foundations Track
Hospitality and Tourism Management (MS) – MD Track


Biomedical Sciences (MS)
Biomedical Sciences (MS) – Cancer Biology
Biomedical Sciences (MS) – Infectious Disease
Biomedical Sciences (MS) – Integrated Medical Sciences Track
Biomedical Sciences (MS) – Metabolic & Cardiovascular Science
Biomedical Sciences (MS) – Neuroscience
Biotechnology (MS)


Nursing (MSN)
Nursing (MSN) – Nurse Educator
Nursing (MSN) – Nursing and Health Care Simulation
Nursing (MSN) – Nursing Leadership and Management

Optics and Photonics

Optics and Photonics (MS)
Optics and Photonics (MS) – International Track
Optics and Photonics (MS) – Optics
Optics and Photonics (MS) – Photonics


Anthropology (MA)
Applied Sociology (MA)
Applied Sociology (MA) – Domestic Violence
Applied Sociology (MA) – Medical Sociology
Biology (MS)
Chemistry (MS)
Clinical Psychology (MA)
Clinical Psychology (MA) – Applied Pre-Licensure/Non-Thesis
Clinical Psychology (MA) – Research/Thesis
Clinical Psychology (MS)
Communication (MA)
Communication (MA) – Business Communication
Digital Media (MA)
Feature Film Production (MFA)
Forensic Science (MS)
Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology (MA)
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (MS)
Interactive Entertainment (MS)
Mathematical Science (MS)
Mathematical Science (MS) – Financial Mathematics Track
Mathematical Science (MS) – Industrial Mathematics
Physics (MS)
Physics (MS) – Planetary Sciences
Political Science (MA)
Political Science (MA) – American and Comparative Politics
Statistics and Data Science (MS)
Statistics and Data Science (MS) – Data Science Track


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Graduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (MA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA) – Non-Thesis
Interdisciplinary Studies (MA) – Thesis
Interdisciplinary Studies (MS)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MS) – Non-Thesis
Interdisciplinary Studies (MS) – Thesis
Modelling and Simulation (MS)
Nanotechnology (MS)
Nanotechnology (MS) – Non-Thesis

While a master’s degree takes hard work and commitment, The Institution is here to support and guide you along the way.