Remington College-Mobile Campus Application for Admission 2022

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Remington College-Mobile Campus Application for Admission 2022

Remington College-Mobile Campus Application for Admission 2022

Remington College’s mission is to serve the public good by offering relevant, career-focused education that enables students to gain the information, skills, and abilities required for successful entry into their chosen areas. Remington College believes that a well-educated workforce contributes to the economic and social vitality of the communities where its students, instructors, and staff live. Remington College’s purpose is to provide a compassionate learning environment in which a dedicated professors and staff give a technically rich, intellectually stimulating, and high-quality education.

Lecture halls and interminable book assignments aren’t for everyone, and at Remington College, we understand that not every student learns in the same manner, which is why our classes emphasize hands-on learning over lecture.

We hire professors with experience in the topic you’re studying. This means you won’t just be learning from a book in class; you’ll also benefit from your professors’ industry expertise, insights, and first-hand knowledge.

We get to know you as an individual at Remington College, including how you get to and from school, your employment schedule and availability, and your post-graduation plans. Every step of the journey, our support teams are there to assist you.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has accredited every Remington College site, including the Online Division (ACCSC). The United States Department of Education recognizes the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) as an accrediting agency.


Remington College-Mobile Campus Academic Programs offered;

• Healthcare
• Trades
• Business & Technology
• Legal/Criminal Justice
• Music Production & Creative Arts
• Culinary
• Cosmetology


Remington College-Mobile Campus Application Fee

Tuition costs vary depending on the program you choose. Also keep in mind that unless you interrupt your program by dropping and returning at a later date, your tuition will not increase after you enroll.


Those that qualify can receive financial assistance. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy for paying for your education, which may include applying for federal, state, and other grants, scholarships, and loans. For further information and any eligibility restrictions, speak with an admissions or financial services representative.


Remington College-Mobile Campus Application Procedures;

Step 1

Contact a Remington College Admissions Representative and Schedule a Virtual Appointment.

Choose a Program at Remington College in


Step 2

Choose Your Degree or Diploma Program.


Step 3

Complete the Career Path and Online Readiness Assessments

Complete an Application at Remington College


Step 4

Fill out an Application and an Enrollment Agreement.

Show Proof of Education at Remington College


Step 5

Show Proof of High School

Graduation or a GED.


Step 6

Financial Aid Options at Remington College

Review Your Options for Financial Aid


How can Remington College assist you?

  • Are you seeking for a college or technical school that can assist you in making a new start and preparing you for a new career? Get in touch with us at Remington College.
  • A member of our admissions staff will meet with you to discuss your options for a program or field of study. We offer over 30 degree and diploma programs, with several of them available online. Please keep in mind that not all programs are offered on every campus. For more information, contact your Admissions Representative.
  • It might do more than just teach you new abilities. In fact, it may provide you with a higher opportunity for job satisfaction and advancement.*
  • We’re not a traditional four-year college; we’re a non-profit college focused on career-specific training.* Our students are people who want to pursue their education in a more personalized setting.


Our classes focus on skills predicted to be in demand in your area and are taught by instructors who have direct experience in the industry you’ll be studying.


* Before enrolling in a Remington College academic program, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Our curriculum has been designed to provide you the best chance of pursuing your profession when you graduate from one of our programs. Students and graduates are not promised employment.
  • Individual performance/circumstances may affect program completion times. Individual outcomes may differ.
  • To be eligible for some academic experiences, such as externships, students must maintain a certain GPA. For more information, please see your Campus Catalog or connect with campus leadership.
  • All of the employment estimates on this site come straight from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reflect national employment growth projections and are not necessarily indicative of local market conditions. The last time this information was updated was on 6/18. Please visit the BLS website for the most up-to-date job outlook information.
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify
  • If a program is offered in a hyrbid format, it means that portions of the program may be offered online. Please see the Catalog for more information.


For  more information Visit Remington College-Mobile Campus Official Website

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