Maluti TVET College Registration 2022-2023

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Maluti TVET College Registration 2022-2023


Maluti TVET College Registration 2022-2023

Maluti Technical Vocational Education and Training College was established on the 1st of September 2002.

Maluti TVET College is a Technical Vocational Education & Training Institution operating under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The College is accredited by Umalusi and several Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

Registration Requirement

  • Grade 9 or Higher / ABET Level 4
  • Grade 12 / N3 / NC(V)Level 4
  • Certified Copy of ID Document or Birth Certificate
  • Copy of statement of results of highest standard passed

NCV  Programs Offered:

  • Information Technology Level 2
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction Level 2 -4
  • Engineering and Related Design Level 2
  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction Level 2 -4

Business Related Field  

  • Marketing Level 2-4
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting Level 2-4
  • Office Administration Level 2-4
  • Primary Agriculture Level 2-4

Services Related Field

  • Tourism
  • Education and Development Level 2-4
  • Hospitality Level 2-4
  • Primary Health Level 2-4

Nated Programs Offered;

  • Electrical Engineering N1-N6
  • Mechanical Engineering N1-N6
  • Civil Engineering N1-N6

Business Studies

  • Business Management N4-N6
  • Marketing Management N4-N6
  • Management Assistant N4-N6
  • Financial Management N4-N6
  • Public Management N4-N6
  • Human Resources Management N4-N6
  • Educare N4 –N6

Utility Studies

  • Hospitality N4-N6
  • Clothing Production N4-N6
  • Art N4-N6

How To Apply;

Step 1.

Identify the course you wish to study, career counselling is available.

Complete the online application for the chosen programme/ course


Step 2.

Attach your application documentation (Certified ID Copy, Results, and Next of Kin ID Copy).

Your documents will be checked and approved if they are clear and certified but will be rejected if they are not clear or they have an outdated date stamp.


Step 3.

You will receive an e-mail after every step, updating you about the status of your application.

After 3 June 2022, the college will start the selection process and communicate with you regarding the status of your application via e-mail.

The e-mail will have details of the registration details.


Step 4.

If you are admitted, you will receive an e-mail informing you that you are “Provisionally Accepted” and you will be expected to accept the offer on your Student Portal and print the Enrolment form.


Step 5.

Finalize the process by visiting the campus to finalize your registration.

When you visit the campus, you need to bring the following documentation with you:

Certified copy of your ID

Certified copy of your parent or Next of Kin

Proof of residence (foreign students)

Certified copies of highest qualifications OR

Certified copies of latest school results




Private Bag X870



Tel. 058 713 6100

Wessels Street

Private Bag X40



Tel. 087 941 6839

087 941 6839

Mampoi Road

Private Bag X07



Tel. 058 713 0296

087 941 6838

Extension 4751, Intabazwe Corridor

Private Bag X3009



Tel. 058 622 2785

087 941 3549

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