How To Register At King Hintsa TVET College

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How To Register At King Hintsa TVET College

How To Register At King Hintsa TVET College

The King Hintsa TVET College is a combination of past Centane Technical College, Teko Technical College, H.B. Tsengwa Technical College and Idutywa Satellite in the past known as Idutywa Community College.

This King Hintsa TVET College is masterminded in the South Eastern Region of the Eastern Cape. The Central Administration Office is at N2 Mthatha road, Butterworth near WSU (Butterworth grounds).

The school is spread between the two Local Municipality with two grounds Centane ,Teko and Admin Center orchestrated in Mnquma Local Municipality. Dutywa and HB Tsengwa Campuses are masterminded in Mbashe Local Municipality. School grounds are at a range of + – 60 KM isolated .

Document Check

  • Certified copy of id/birth certificate or passport.
  • Certified copy of senior certificate or equivalent. If still in grade 12, marks obtained in grade 11 together with most recent grade 12 marks. If you attend any college, an original academic record and a certificate or certified copies of other certificates obtained previously.
  • NCV: evidence of grade 9 as a highest grade passed certified copy of id / birth certificate and certified copies of parent’s id or Guardian, where applicable.
  • International students: certified copies of passport, study permit and evaluation certificate from SAQA (were necessary).
  • Fees as per policy of the institution in collaboration with DHET.

Student Receives

  • Application Form, Bursary Form and CAS data Form
  • Programme with steps for registration
  • Check list
  • Code of conduct
  • Information on selection and placement assessment and dates
  • Instructions to fill in biographical data

Information Desk

  • Staff members posted here must man an enquiry desk with full knowledge of campus offerings, minimum requirements for courses, etc.
  • At enquires desk students will be advised on how to obtain outstanding documents.
  • The enquiry desk must keep records of those they helped and how they have been helped.

Hostel Information

  • Information about accommodation in different campuses
  • Hostel rules and regulations

Handing Application Forms


  • The students may now fill in their final choices.
  • They will then approach the SSS with the completed documents.
  • Once the SSS has approved of the forms being filled in correctly, the student may then go on to the registration process.

Administration of Psychometric Test

  • One SSS officer explains the placement tool and its purpose, also explains the whole process from writing the placement quiz up to the final stage when they have been given their student packs.
  • Students should be ushered into the venue according to computers/seats available.
  • Once the placement test for success tool has been complete the results are to be filled in on a data form.

Bursary and Means Test

  • All bursary processes are explained to students by the bursary officer.
  • Bursary will be allocated to deserving students through means test.


  • Once the students have been placed to the relevant career choices through PACE test.
  • The students can proceed to register.

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