Northlink College Courses For Grade 9 For 2024-2025

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Northlink College Courses For Grade 9 For 2024-2025

Northlink College Courses For Grade 9 For 2024-2025

Unlocking Potential: Northlink College Courses for Grade 9 Students in 2024-2025:

Northlink College offers Grade 9 students an exciting array of courses for the 2024-2025 academic year, empowering them to explore their interests, enhance their skills, and discover their potential. Through these courses, students can gain valuable knowledge, experiences, and insights that will guide their academic and career journey.

The transition from primary to secondary school is an essential time for students to explore their interests, build a solid foundation, and set their educational trajectories. Northlink College recognizes the importance of empowering Grade 9 students and offers diverse kinds of courses to ignite their passion and unlock their potential. This article will explore the diverse range of courses available at Northlink College for Grade 9 students in the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year.

Who Is A Grade 9 Student

In South Africa, a Grade 9 student refers to a learner who is in the ninth year of formal education following the South African educational system. Normally, Grade 9 students in South Africa are around the age of 14 to 15 years old. Grade 9 is part of the General Education and Training (GET) phase in South Africa, which includes Grades R to 9. It falls within the intermediate phase of education, between the foundation phase (Grades R to 3) and the further education and training phase (Grades 10 to 12).

During Grade 9 in Northlink College, students continue their studies in various subjects such as Mathematics, English, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology, Life Orientation, and additional languages. They are exposed to a broader range of subjects as compared to the foundation phase, aiming to provide them with a well-rounded education and prepare them for further studies in the future.

Grade 9 is an important stage in a South African student’s academic journey as it serves as a transition period before entering the senior phase in high school. It is a time for students to further develop their knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities, which will be essential for their continued education and future career paths.

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List Of Northlink College Courses For Grade 9 For 2024-2025

Northlink College primarily focuses on offering courses at the tertiary education level and may not have specific courses tailored for Grade 9 students. However, Grade 9 students can explore career guidance resources, extracurricular activities, and subjects within the formal school curriculum to lay a foundation for their future studies and career paths. Click on the link below to see the courses and programmes offered at Northlink Tet College:

Download The Northlink Tvet College Courses And Programmes Offered Pdf 2024-2025 

Northlink College Courses Requirements For Grade 9 For 2024-2025

As a post-secondary institution, Northlink College primarily offers courses at the tertiary education level rather than specific courses for Grade 9 students. Therefore, they may not have specific course requirements for Grade 9 students.

However, Grade 9 students should focus on meeting the requirements set by their school’s curriculum and educational authorities. These requirements typically involve successfully completing the prescribed subjects and meeting any grade or performance expectations for their grade level.

To gain more clarity on specific requirements or elective subjects for Grade 9 students at Northlink College, it is advisable to consult with your school’s career guidance counsellors or educators. They can provide you with accurate information regarding curriculum options, elective subjects, and potential pathways that align with your interests and future aspirations.

Prospective applicants are to provide the following documents together with the application forms:

South African Students :

  • Certified copy of your ID.
  • Last school report/result/qualification.
  • Proof of residence address.

International Students:

  • Copy of Certified Passport.
  • Study Permit or Visa to Study in South Africa.
  • Certificate of Foreign Qualification evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority.
  • Full Course Fee. All International students need to pay their course fee in full upon registration.

Northlink College Belhar Courses Application 2024-2025

Follow the process below to register for a course at the Northlink Belhar campus:

1. Select your Course:

2. Course Fees & Payment Policy:

  • Once you have selected a course, view the Vocational fees or Occupational fees and read the Payment Policy.

3. Complete the Application:

  • ONLINE application –  Click Here to complete the application process and upload a certified copy of your ID and latest results.

4. Waiting for a Response:

  • Once you have submitted your application form, please allow sufficient time for the application to be verified and sent to the relevant Programme Manager before enquiring about the status of your application.


  • Your application will be acknowledged via SMS & e-mail.
  • Please note that you can view the status of your application at any given time by just logging into our website.

Campuses Of Northlink Tvet College:

  • Belhar Campus
  • Bellville Campus
  • Goodwood Campus
  • Parow Campus
  • Protea Campus
  • Tygerberg Campus
  • Wingfield Campus

Contact Details of Northlink Tvet College

Central Office Address:

  • 80 Voortrekker Road,
  • Bellville, 7530,
  • Western Cape, South Africa
  • Phone: +27 (0)21 970 9000
  • Email:

Hope the information given above has been useful to you in applying for admission. For more details and inquiries, visit the official website of Northlinb Tvet College.

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