West Coast College Application For 2024

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West Coast College Application For 2024

West Coast College Application For 2024: Applying to South Africa West Coast College is an exciting step toward advancing your education and career prospects. To ensure a smooth application process, it’s important to understand the necessary steps and requirements. In this post, we will provide you with valuable insights and tips for successfully navigating the South Africa West Coast College application process.

West Coast College 2024 Online Application Date

The application period for West Coast College will commence on September 1st and conclude on September 30th. We encourage you to submit your application promptly, as any applications received after the closing date will not be accepted. Apply now to ensure your application is considered.

West Coast College Application Requirements For 2024-2025

  • Certified copy of your Identity Document. If you are younger than 16 years of age and do not have a green bar-coded ID or smart ID card, you must submit a certified copy of your unabridged birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of the identity document of each household member including parents or legal guardian.
  • Certified copy of your latest academic transcript or exam results. If you are currently in Grade 12, you do not need to submit this document.
  • If you have been exempted from paying fees, please provide a letter from the school informing NSFAS that you have been exempted.
  • Certified or official copy of recent payslip, letter of employment, not older than three months, for each parent, or the person who supports you, or your guardian or yourself if you are employed. This is for all types of employment or all forms of income for all members of the household. This includes any income received from SASSA grants, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), or any retirement, life, disability or other benefits paid as a lump sum or in monthly payments.
  • If your parents or the person who supports you or your legal guardian are retired, please
    provide a copy of an official pension slip or bank statement showing payment.
  • If your parents or the person who supports you or your legal guardian works as an informal trader, please provide an affidavit signed by them to confirm this employment.
  • If either of your parents is deceased, please provide a certified copy of the death certificate.
  • If your parents are divorced, please provide a certified copy of the divorce decree.
  • If either of your parents does not live at home, please provide an affidavit explaining the reasons.
  • Certified copy of a SASSA letter if any of your family members are receiving a social grant and are also contributing to your household income. This also applies to your legal guardian.
  • If you have indicated that a dependent in your household is a student, provide proof of registration or acceptance at TVET college or university for each dependent.
  • If you have a disability, please complete the relevant supporting documents (please see the website for details) and submit them with your application form

Please Note:

  1. Two copies of each document must be provided.
  2. All copies must be originally certified.
  3. Faxed copies will NOT be accepted.

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How To Apply To West Coast College Application For 2024

Applying at West Coast College is a simple and easy process. Prospective students wishing to take their career further can follow these 3 easy steps in their quest for a more prosperous future.

Step 1:

Choosing the programme you would like to study

Kindly choose the programme of your choice and the campus you would like to study at or where the programme is offered

Step 2:

Access the online application portal or visit a campus near you to complete an online application. Students with special needs should please contact our Student Support Office at (022) 482 1143 as well as complete the Special Needs Application Form, which you can download here

Step 3:

Complete the Applications online application with the supporting documents and submit it online.

NB: Residence Application is a separate process.

West Coast College Campuses

  • Atlantis Campus
  • Citrusdal Campus
  • Malmesbury Campus
  • Vredenburg Campus
  • Vredendal Campus

West Coast College Contact Details

  • Central Office Tel: (022) 482 1143
  • Atlantis Campus Tel: (021) 577 1727
  • Citrusdal Campus Tel: (022) 921 2457
  • Malmesbury Campus Tel: (022) 487 2851
  • Vredenburg Campus Tel: (022) 713 3167
  • Vredendal Campus Tel: (027) 213 5673

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be well-prepared and increase your chances of a successful application. Remember to thoroughly research the programs, meet the admission requirements, gather the necessary documents, and submit your application before the deadline. Visit the College Website for all Information


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