Tvet Colleges In Zambia

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Tvet Colleges In Zambia

Tvet Colleges In Zambia

TVET Colleges in Zambia: Empowering the Workforce for a Brighter Future:

Like many developing countries in Africa, Zambia faces a significant skills vacuum in various industries. TVET colleges are important in bridging this gap by offering training that aligns with the needs of the job market. By focusing on practical skills and hands-on experience, these institutions prepare students to meet the demands of employers in sectors such as agriculture, construction, engineering, healthcare, and information technology.

Graduates from TVET colleges often enjoy higher employability due to their job-ready skills. These institutions work closely with industries to ensure that their curricula are relevant and up-to-date, increasing the chances of graduates finding employment soon after completing their studies. This focus on employability is crucial in a country where unemployment rates remain a concern.

Courses And Programmes Offered At Tvet College In Zambia

TVET colleges in Zambia offer a wide range of programs catering to different interests and career paths. These include:

Agriculture and Agribusiness:

  • Courses on modern farming techniques, agronomy, and agribusiness management.

Engineering and Construction:

  • Training in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as construction management.


  • Programs for nursing, medical laboratory technology, and community health work.

Information Technology:

  • Courses in computer programming, network administration, and IT support.

Hospitality and Tourism:

  • Training in hotel management, culinary arts, and tourism services.

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Tvet Colleges Online Application  Requirements Zambia 2025-2026

The following are the requirements needed to apply for admission into any of the Tvet Colleges in Zambia:

Zambian Students :

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Proof of residence address
  • Certified copy of your matric results/last grade passed
  • Proof of Residence:
  • Proof of Payment for the Application Fee
  • Guardian’s Details

International Applicants:

  • Valid Passport
  • Study Permit or Visa to Study in South Africa
  • Certificate of Foreign Qualification evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority.

Applications Process To Tvet Colleges In Zambia 2025-2026

Tvet colleges that are open for the 2025 academic year are still accepting applications, to apply, follow the process provided:

  • To obtain an application form, go to the college’s website.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Choose a course that corresponds to your qualifications.
  • Provide all necessary documentation, such as a valid identification card, certified results, or a certificate.
  • Where relevant, provide identification of parents or guardians and a death certificate.
  • Where applicable, international students must present their passport ID

Tvet Colleges In Zambia

Under the Department of Vocational Education and Training of the Ministry of Higher Education, there are 28 public institutions. The following is a list of the institutions:

  • Kasiya Business and Secretarial College
  • Chipata Trades Training Institute
  • Evelyn Hone College (EHC)
  • Gemstone and Lapidary Processing
  • Industrial Training Centre (ITC)
  • Isoka Trades Training Institute
  • Kabwe Institute of Technology
  • Kalabo Trades Training Institute
  • Kaoma Trades Training Institute
  • Kitwe Vocational Training Centre (KVTC)
  • Livingstone Institute for Business and Engineering Studies (LIBES)
  • Luanshya Technical and Business College (LTBC)
  • Lukashya Trades Training Institute (LTTI)
  • Lusaka Business and Technical College (LBTC)
  • Lusaka Vocational Training Centre (LVTC)
  • Mansa Trades Training Institute
  • Mongu Trades Training Institute
  • Mwense Trades Training Institute
  • Mwinilunga Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute of Management (ZAMIM)
  • Nkumbi International College
  • Northern Technical College (NORTEC)
  • Solwezi Trades Training Institute
  • St.Mawagali Training Institute
  • Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC)
  • Thorn Park Construction Training Centre
  • Ukwimi Trades Training Institute
  • Zambia Institute for Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP)

Contact Details:

  • The Permanent Secretary
  • Ministry of Technology and Science
  • Maxwell House, Los Angeles Boulevard
  • P. O. Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Toll Free Zamtel:+260955624777
or 3363
  • Fax: +260-1-252951/252089
  • Email:

Whether you aspire to pursue a career in engineering, business, education, or trades, TVET College in Zambia offers a supportive learning environment and pathways to success. By enrolling in a TVET college, you can acquire the practical skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive job market and significantly contribute to Zambia’s workforce and development.


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