Letaba TVET College Registration 2022-2023

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Letaba TVET College Registration 2022-2023

Letaba TVET College Registration 2022-2023

Letaba (TVET) College tries to fulfill all of our customers’ expectations.

Check out our selection of National Qualifications to help you achieve your goals.

In all aspects of learning and training, we strive for the highest possible levels of quality.

We pledge to continually improve all of our training activities and programs in order to meet the needs of our students and offer them with lifelong learning and skills.

We provide for Quality Improvement, which includes, among other things, transparent planning, contracting, monitoring, and review processes.

Application Process

Step 1: Select your preferred programme of study

  • Application forms can be obtained at any of the College Sites/Campuses
  • Go to the College Prospectus

Step 2: Application Forms 2022

  • Hard-copy application forms must be completed using a black pen, with clear printing. You must sign your application form. Application forms that are not signed will not be processed.
  • Please note that the application form is not a registration form, the registration forms will be made available to successful applicants.
  • An incomplete application will result in delays in processing.

Step 3: Supporting documentation

All applications require supporting documents to be submitted to the College.

Completed Application forms must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Certified copy of the latest results/qualification
  • Certified copy of Identity document

Attached medical statement from a registered doctor if you have any disability or ongoing medical condition that will require you to seek special assistance from the College,

The College cannot consider your application if all required supporting documentation is not attached.

Step 4: Application fee

  • There is no application fee required.

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Contact us

Central Office

Section C Industrial main road opposite Traffic Department in Giyani

Private bag X4017

Tzaneen, 0850

Tel: (015) 3075440

Fax: (015) 3072204

PO Box 192

Tzaneen, 0850

Tel: (015) 3074438

Fax: (015) 3074439

Private Bag X4035

Tzaneen, 0850

Tel: (015) 3553429

Fax: (015) 3554138

Private Bag X9570

Giyani, 0826

Tel: (015) 8123221

Fax: (015) 8121270

Email: centraloffice@letcol.co.za

Email: tzaneencampus@letcol.co.za

Email: maakecampus@letcol.co.za

Email: giyanicampus@letcol.co.za


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