Ingwe Tvet College Contact Details 2024-2025

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Ingwe Tvet College Contact Details 2024-2025

Ingwe Tvet College Contact Details 2024-2025

Ingwe Tvet College Contact Details: Your Bridge to Quality Education 2024-2025:

Ingwe Tvet College, with its commitment to providing quality and accessible vocational education, welcomes inquiries and engagement from students, parents, and the general public. When it comes to accessing information or getting in touch with educational institutions, having the right contact details is paramount. For students and prospective learners interested in Ingwe Tvet College, this article has compiled an up-to-date list of the college’s contact details for the 2024-2025 academic year.

This essential information will serve as your bridge to a vibrant learning environment that fosters growth, skills development, and holistic education.

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What Is The Importance Of Ngwe Tvet College Contact Details

Having access to accurate contact details for Ingwe TVET College is vital for several reasons:

  • For Enquiries:

Contact details allow prospective students, parents, and guardians to get in touch with the college to ask about courses, admissions processes, fees, and other relevant details. Accurate information from the source helps to make informed decisions about studying at the college.

  • It Serves As A Support:

Current students might need to contact the college for a variety of reasons, such as to clarify doubts about coursework, discuss issues related to their course, or seek guidance and support services. Quick access to contact details can make this process more efficient.

  • It Provides Feedback and Communication:

Contact details provide a communication channel for feedback, both positive and negative. This feedback can help the college improve its services and resolve any issues that may impact the student experience.

  • It Provides Updates:

In the event of changes or important updates such as alterations to course schedules, exams, or events, the college might use these contact details to inform students. Similarly, students can use these details to stay updated with the college’s latest news and announcements.

  • It Provides Networking:

Contact details can also aid in networking. For example, potential employers, industry partners, or alumni can get in touch with the college for collaborative opportunities, events, or engagements.

  • It Provides Solutions in Emergency Situations:

In cases of emergencies or critical situations, having access to the college’s contact details is crucial for immediate communication and action.

Ingwe Tvet College Campuses Contact Details 2024-2025

The following are the contact details of Ingwe Tvet College campuses:

Mount Frere Campus

  • Cancele Road
  • Mount Frere
  • 5090
  • Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 200
  • Campus Manager: Mr.S. Sidloyi

Maluti Campus

  • Mli Road
  • Maluti
  • 4720
  • Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 500
  • Campus Manager: Mrs C. N. Mgoboza

Mt Fletcher Campus

  • Hospital Area
  • Mount Fletcher
  • 4770
  • Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 600
  • Fax: 086 549 7112

Ngqungqushe Campus

  • Magwa Road
  • Lusikisiki
  • 4820
  • Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 300
  • Campus Manager: Mr P. S. Mgushelo

Siteto Campus

  • Mhlanga Village
  • Bizana
  • 4800
  • Tel: 039 940 2142 Ext 400
  • Campus Manager: Mr N. G. Manyala

Ingwe Tvet College Administration Centre

  • Badibanise Village
  • Mount Frere
  • 5090
  • Tel: 039 940 2142
  • E-mail:

Hope the information given above has been useful to you, if you have any suggestions kindly leave them in the comment section provided below this post or better still you can visit the official website Of Ingwe Tvet College for more details.

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