Do Tvet Colleges Offer Degrees

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Do Tvet Colleges Offer Degrees

Do Tvet Colleges Offer Degrees: When it comes to higher education, universities often come to mind as the go-to institutions for earning a degree. However, in recent years, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges have gained recognition for their practical and industry-focused programs. Aspiring students seeking clarity may wonder if TVET colleges offer degrees. In this article, we will explore the educational landscape of TVET colleges and shed light on the availability of degree programs.

Do Tvet Colleges Offer Degrees

Tvet Colleges do not offer degrees but rather TVET colleges are an alternative to universities for students who want to enter the workforce without getting a traditional degree. They offer vocational and practical training in a wide range of subjects, from engineering and construction to hospitality and business.

What type of qualifications do TVET colleges offer?

The two main courses offered by TVET colleges are:

  • National Certificate (Vocational) qualifications, the NC (V), and.
  • National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) programmes, also referred to as “Report 191” programmes.

These qualifications are offered in courses that range from agriculture, and arts and crafts to business management and administration.

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Courses offered at TVET colleges:

  1. Primary Agriculture
  2. Primary Health
  3. Civil Engineering and Building Construction
  4. Drawing Office Practice
  5. Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  6. Engineering and Related Design
  7. Finance, Economics and Accounting
  8. Hospitality
  9. Education and Development
  10. Information Technology and Computer Science
  11. Management
  12. Marketing
  13. Mechatronics
  14. Office Administration
  15. Process Instrumentation
  16. Process Plant Operations
  17. Safety in Society
  18. Tourism

Unisa Courses You Can Study At Tvet Colleges

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can study any of the following National Qualification Courses:
  • Business Management.
  • Educare.
  • Financial Management.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Legal Secretary.
  • Management Assistant.
  • Marketing Management.

The following TVET colleges have agreements with Unisa:

  • Eastern Cape East Cape Midlands College
  • Port Elizabeth College
  • KwaZulu-Natal Umfolozi TVET College
  • Elangeni TVET College
  • Umgungundlovu TVET College
  • Western Cape College of Cape Town
  • West Coast College
  • South Cape College

How To Apply TVET Colleges Online Application 2024-2025

  • Visit the college website to download the application form
  • Fill all the space
  • Choose a course which fits your qualification
  • Provide all the important documents such as Valid ID, certified Results or certificate
  • Provide IDs of parents and/or guardians or death certificate where applicable
  • International students must provide their passport ID where applicable

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Tvet Colleges Contact Information

  • Visit: 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Private Bag X174, Pretoria, 0001​
  • Contact Details: 0800 87 2222/+ 27 12 312 5911
  • Email:

With diverse course offerings, well-equipped facilities, industry partnerships, and supportive student services, these TVET colleges in Pretoria provide a solid foundation for students to pursue their career aspirations. Whether you’re interested in business, engineering, hospitality, or any other vocational field, the TVET colleges in Pretoria offer opportunities for practical skills development and a pathway to success. For more information, visit the official website of Tvets Colleges.


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