Wallace State Community College Application for Admission 2022

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Wallace State Community College Application for Admission 2022

Wallace State Community College for Admission 2022  wallace state community college application

Hanceville, Alabama’s Wallace State Community College (formerly George C Wallace State Community College) is a public community college.

Associate’s degrees are available at Wallace State.

The college, which began as the George C. Wallace State Trade School of Cullman County in 1966, now enrolls around 6,000 students and provides over 50 associate degree and certificate programs in academic, health, and technical fields.

Wallace State Community College for Admission Application Process;

Eligibility for Admissions;

Individuals who meet the following criteria and have completed and submitted an application for admission, residency form, official high school and college transcripts, and proof of identification are eligible for admission to courses leading to an associate degree, certificate, or short-term certificate.

Graduates of high school

A student who has earned an Alabama High School Diploma, a high school credential from another state that is comparable to the Alabama High School Diploma, or a non-public high school diploma that is equivalent to the Alabama High School Diploma;

The Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees is reviewing policies pertaining to non-public, non-accredited high school certificates.

A student who has received a GED Certificate from the proper state educational agency.

Non-graduates of high school

Non-high school graduates and GED winners can only enroll in non-degree creditable courses and programs.

Non-high school graduates or non-GED holders admitted to an Alabama Community College System institution must be able to benefit from instructional training, as evidenced by passing an approved academic evaluation with at least minimal results.

This regulation prohibits students from enrolling in associate degree-granting courses or programs.

Non-high school grads and non-GED recipients seeking admission may call Adult Education at 256.352.8078 for more information.

Students who have been readmitted

Individuals who previously attended Wallace State Community College and wish to return after a one-semester absence (excluding the summer term) must complete a readmission application, meet current admissions requirements, and provide transcripts of all academic work completed since their last visit to WSCC.

Transfer Students

A transfer student is someone who has previously attended another regionally or Council on Occupational Education recognized postsecondary institution.

Transfer students who have been placed on academic or disciplinary probation at another institution or university must make a written request for admission to the College Admissions Committee.

Only the transcripts from the institution conferring the highest degree will be required of a student who has completed a baccalaureate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution.

Transfer students with less than a baccalaureate degree must submit transcripts from all colleges attended and either high school transcripts with graduation date or proof of completion of GED. See General Admissions Procedures.

    Transfer Credit for Incoming Students

  • After the student has been accepted to the college, his or her transcripts will be examined.
  • The evaluation of transfer credit is dependent on a student’s Wallace State program of study.
  • Transfer credit is granted only for transfer courses that are relevant to a student’s degree of study.
  • For transfer credit, only official transcripts will be considered.
  • Official transfer credit will not be evaluated using student copies.
  • If the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher at the time of acceptance, a “D” grade may transfer.
  • Unless program limits or course prerequisites prevent it, the grade “D” can only be used to general education courses for the Associate’s Degree.
  • Specific prerequisite criteria can be found in the course descriptions and abbreviations.
  • For successful course completion, a grade of “C” or above is necessary in all main mandatory courses.
  • There are no graduate level or pass/fail courses that can be transferred.
  • Courses taken on a quarter or trimester schedule will be reviewed and converted to the semester schedule.
  • Students who have questions about transfer credit can fill out a Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credit Request form, which can be found in the Admissions area of the website or at Lion Central in the B building.

Wallace State Community College for Admission 2022

Transient Students

  • As a transitory student, a transfer student who attends another postsecondary institution and wants credit for transfer to his or her parent institution may be admitted to the College.
  • An application for admission, evidence of identification, a residency form, and an official letter from the school certifying that the college credit earned will be accepted as part of the student’s academic program are all required.
  • To ensure that transcripts are forwarded to the parent institution, students must complete the transcript request.
  • Wallace State University is a public university in Wallace,
  • Students who wish to take classes as a transitory student at another university may request a Transient Authorization Form from the admissions office.
  • Students must have a solid academic record.
  • A Transient Authorization Form will not be provided to students who owe the college money.
  • The course(s) will be accepted as partial credit toward the degree requirements.
  • A grade of “C” or above in the temporary course was required by Wallace State.

Accelerated High School Students

  • A student who has finished the tenth grade, has a cumulative “B” average, and has been recommended by the local principal may enroll if he or she fits the requirements of state policy.
  • Only postsecondary courses with completed high school prerequisites are available to the student.
  • The Chancellor may offer an exception for a student who has been identified as gifted and talented in accordance with Alabama Administrative Code 290-8-9-12.
  • All Accelerated High School students must submit an admissions application, a residency paperwork, and a photo ID copy.
  • For more information, see General Admission Procedures, Items 1, 6, and 7.

Dual Enrolled/Dual Credit High School

  • Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment is a program that allows students to take two classes at the same time
  • High School allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes concurrently with high school classes, either on the college campus or at the high school, and receive both high school and college credit if they are in grades ten, eleven, or twelve, have a “B” average, and have the Principal and Superintendent’s written approval.
  • All Dual Enrollment Students must apply for admission, complete a residency form, and present a copy of their photo ID.
  • For more details, see the General Admission Procedures, Items 1–6,7.

International Students

Persons who are not citizens of the United States may not be admitted to any public two-year college for the purpose of enrolling in flight training, or any segment or portion of a flight training program, until appropriate certification and approval from the Office of the Attorney General of the United States has been received, pursuant to Section 113 of the Aviation Transport Act.

Admission to the Alabama Community College System does not guarantee admission to any specific program or course.

In terms of program entrance, institutions adhere to all applicable accrediting requirements and standards.

Jim Milligan, Wallace State University’s Primary Designated School Officer for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, can be reached at jim.milligan@wallacestate.edu.

International students with an F-1 student visa who meet the academic, language, and financial standards specified below are accepted at Wallace State Community College.

International students are not eligible for financial aid from the state or the federal government.

Wallace state community college application

Eligibility Requirements for Federal Financial Aid

Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, and Federal Work-Study are examples of federal student aid programs.

  1. Fill out a free Federal Student Aid application.
  2. Show that you have a financial necessity.
  3. Have a high school graduation, a GED, or a verified capacity to benefit from the program.

Students without a high school diploma or a GED who seek for federal financial aid must demonstrate their ability to benefit, according to current federal standards.

(For further information, see Admission Requirements.)

  1. Enroll in an eligible program as a regular student.
  2. You must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen.
  3. Maintain a good academic standing.

If a student has been enrolled in a program for less than two years and has been enrolled for more than 10 years, the following definition of satisfactory progress applies:

By the end of the second academic year, the student must have a “C” average or be in academic standing that meets the College’s graduation criteria.

The student must continue to make satisfactory progress throughout the remainder of the program.


  1. Not be in default on a Federal Perkins Loan (also known as a National Direct Student Loan), a Federal Stafford Loan (also known as a Guaranteed Student Loan), a Federal PLUS Loan, or a Supplemental Loan for Students (FSLS).
  2. You are not owed a refund on a Federal Pell Grant, a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), or a State Student Incentive Grant (SSIG).
  3. Agree to use any Federal Student Aid for educational purposes only.
  4. In the event of a refund or default, sign a statement of educational purpose/certification.
  5. Acknowledge that all items on the Student Aid Report are correct by signing a statement of revised information.
  6. If needed to register with Selective Service, sign a statement of registration status.




Federal Financial Aid Application Procedures

Tuition, books, supplies, at-home upkeep, transportation, and other personal expenses are factored into annual student budgets to establish a student’s financial need.

In order to be considered for federal and non-federal funding, students must file the Application for Federal Student Aid with the United States Department of Education each year.

After January 1, applicants should apply as soon as possible.

To submit a financial aid application, the applicant should have the following documents on hand for reference:

  1. The student’s U.S. income tax return, his or her parents’ return (if he or she applies as a dependent student), and his or her spouse’s return (if he or she is married and his or her spouse filed a separate return).


  1. Records of non-taxable payments received from the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, and other agencies.


  1. Bank statements and details on your mortgage. Approximately four to six weeks after applying, the student will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR).

This SAR contains the information submitted on the application and statistical information regarding eligibility for Federal Student Aid.


To apply for federal assistance through the Federal Pell Grants, FSEOG, and Federal Work-Study, all applicants must follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Submit an application for admissions and ensure that you have all of your high school or GED transcripts, as well as all of your college transcripts, on file.

If the student does not have a high school diploma or a GED, the Ability to Benefit Test must be completed and kept on file with a satisfactory score.

  1. Complete the Wallace State Community College Financial Aid Application, sign the award letter, and give any documents asked by the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Fill out the Verification Form and attach copies of your U.S. tax returns, non-taxable income documentation, and/or any other income statements you need to validate your Student Aid Report.


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wallace state community college application

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